Who We Are

In 2008, I was first introduced to kratom.

What started out as a simple fascination with the virtues of this plant turned into passion once I saw this plant’s tremendous potential. Feeling like I had stumbled upon something powerful that was still somehow unknown to the world, I found myself researching the vast complexity and power of this plant and naturally sharing that information with others.

Realizing that I could have some fun and do some good in the process, I became immersed in the kratom industry. Several years more experienced, I started Enso Speciosa, LLC and formed the website you are on today — Enso Botanicals.

Our Purpose

The word ensō refers to a specific type a zen artwork, a circle drawn in one stroke of a paint brush. Despite being one of the simplest and most natural forms of art, the ensō often contains incredibly complexity and beauty. Like the ensō, the unassuming, wild-growing kratom leaf contains a tremendous amount of complexity in its alkaloidal makeup, function and applications.

Though the benefits of this plant make it a necessity that they be known, the complexity of the plant can often make it a difficult task for both new and experienced kratom users. With this in mind, we set out to make Enso Botanicals a simple, and concise resource that anyone could learn from, regardless of their familiarity with the plant.

With this website, we aim to create a resource that is accessible and informative for anyone, and hopefully in the process make some positive difference in the reader’s life.


Enso Speciosa, LLC


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