Keep Kratom Legal


We expect a notice in the Federal Register TOMORROW (Wednesday) outlining what the “modified comment period” for emergency scheduling Kratom will entail. We need calls into all congress members who signed Dear Colleague letters (House and Senate), calls to YOUR congress people, and calls to the DEA.

TO CONGRESS – (202) 224-3121

Suggested message, “The DEA’s pending announcement regarding a modified public comment period on the proposed scheduling of the herbal supplement Kratom appears imminent. We believe no emergency scheduling is needed because there is no imminent harm and the DEA has abused its authority granted by Congress. A shortened public comment period without requiring a full review of those submitted does not give kratom users, industry, Congress and scientists sufficient time to weigh in with quality information and data. I believe a comment period should be no less than 90 days.

Use this spreadsheet to find contact info for all signees:…/1BcIN7fcpW-3ceEXgY2_6eW8Vqz…/edit…

TO DEA – (202) 307-1000

Suggested message, “I completely oppose any emergency scheduling of kratom as it will do more harm than good. I ask that kratom be treated like all other herbal dietary supplements and be put through a proper dietary supplement review and process.”